a moment that was now at the time

What I'm Doing

I'm surrendering to the universe, plunging into the world barefooted and unprotected. I'm facing the fears I so lovingly grew and tended over the years. For the first time in my life since I was 5, I'm alive again. Not striving to prove that I'm a productive adult, make a paycheck, get a more prestigious job so I'll feel better about having thrown my life away on a career that is meaningless in the face of the vastness and possibility of the universe. Not sleepwalking or brainwashed. Not hoping that something will surely change in the future because I can't believe this is where I ended up in my life.

So on April 15, 2008, armed with a laptop, a backpack, a plane ticket to London, and the trust that the universe would provide, I stepped out solo into the world. I gave away my worldly possessions and left behind my friends, family - and most importantly - my fear.