Saturday, February 23, 2013

another one of the universe's little mysteries

how is it that there is a seemingly endless supply of these on the top of my armoire?

i don't put them there.

i can't even see the top of my armoire.

yet even when i'm sure i've eaten the last of them, the next time i feel around up there, there is more.  perhaps it's best not to question, just appreciate.

Friday, February 22, 2013

here's what happens when you accidently knock your wrightsocks coolmax running socks off the back of the woodstove where they were drying and onto the firebox below

due to my lightening-fast reflexes

- ok, not lightening-fast enough to snatch my socks out of out of mid-air whilst in the midst of an extreme forward lean (if i only had longer arms) over the hot fronty part of the stove while attempting to hang a pair of boxers on the back of the stove without burning my crotchal area (yes, i was naked again) on said hot fronty part of the stove - 

the socks were only on the stovetop for a fraction of the second, yet suffered instant meltdown of the outer layer. the inner layer is still intact so i still have 3 pair of socks.  and not just any socks.  3 pair of the only socks in the world that don't give me blisters.  3 pair of preciousness.

3 is the magic number, by the way.  3 pair of socks.  3 underwear.   that's how i roll.   though it looks like i'll be rolling with 1 less pair of socks a tad sooner than anticipated.

to get a gander of my burny woodstove, it's prominently featured in a recent post about why my underwear smell like soup.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

there have been reports...

there have been reports of not being able to find the kitty.

for your viewing pleasure, circled in red below, is the kitty.


Monday, February 11, 2013

ease and grace

yeah, what she said:

My new mantra is "ease and grace". As I approach my life, I take deep breaths and remind myself to find ease and grace in my actions, in my words and in my thoughts. Sometimes this might feel far away from where we are, but the truth is that we're not our neurosis, our freak outs, our karmas or our stress. You are YOU, the Sat Nam, a vibration of Infinity which exists with ease and grace. When we settle into a true understanding of the Infinite Divine within us, we relax and let go. - Ramdesh Kaur

Sunday, February 3, 2013

the great down pillow in the sky has burst

the great down pillow in the sky has burst and is scattering its contents everywhere.