Monday, August 22, 2011

so this cat hitchhikes to my place...

i mean this cat. this one, right here in this picture.

not kidding. she hitchhiked about 1,000 miles (seriously, about one thousand miles) to our place and she, along with her traveling companion, couchsurfed with us for a few days.

that was back in july when, shortly after arriving back in banja luka, z and i kicked off a little couchsurfing hosting extravaganza that nearly rivaled our great couchsurfing hosting fest of 2009 in budva montenegro. ok, not quite, but still...

anyway, we hosted travelers from france (hmmm, quite a few from france, come to think of it), turkey, ireland, poland, slovakia, australia, the usa, and the netherlands. most were hitchhiking, though two bussed it here and two late-night-trained it here. one lost a wallet, two were just passing through overnight, and more than a few stayed longer than they thought they would. one, who speaks considerably more english since i first met him - and last saw him - when i was couchsurfing in france back in 2008), stayed here while z and i took off to sarajevo for a couple of days. and of course, there was hitching cat and her companion, the furthest and longest-term travelers of the lot. fabulous.

yep.  non-stop couchsurfing hosting all the way through late august. non-stop. zero on the stoppage factor.

august is almost over now and cat and her companion have long since gone, as have the scratches on my lower extremities left by the festival of foot and ankle biting attacks (by cat, not cat's companion). the apartment is quiet - and feels strangely large without all the bodies and backpacks in here - and z and i feel lucky (albeit more than a tad tired...) to have been able to provide a temporary home to so many people wandering around and through this part of the world.