Wednesday, June 15, 2011

late afternoons in pakoštane croatia

they usually follow the same-ish flow.

after a quiet day of floating around in the adriatic and gazing into the distance at our most recent favorite cove, we take one last swim and then begin the walk home.

the remains of the day: early evening on the adriatic

about halfway there, we stop at the home of a local family that produces domestic fruit, vegetables, cheese, prosciutto, vino and olive oil.  we talk to the bubba (grandma) who is always there either working in the garden or resting on the porch.  "you're still here!" she says, always smiling. while she and z speak to each other in croatian, i can't help but look at her wrists, her hands. every time.  i can't stop looking. her skin is incredibly weathered, she is small and hunched over, but her wrists and hands are huge.  huge and strong from years of working the farm, canning, curing, and a lifetime of laundering by hand.

eventually other family members appear. sometimes offering us freshly harvested cherries.  sometimes cured olives.  sometimes fresh lavender stems.  and most times, we leave with a liter or so of their homemade wine.

home.  home and maybe a little shower, but often not.  i love the feel of the salt on my skin and in my hair.

sometimes, though, it's hours before we actually make it into our home. instead, before we can climb the stairs, we are intercepted by biba and šime (she-meh), the owners of the apartment we call home and the cafe that it is perched atop.  and then we spend the next couple of hours on the cafe patio sipping a little vino, feasting on whatever fresh fish that šime happened to catch and grill up that day, and watching the sun go down over the teeny little church on the teeny little island that is right off the beautiful shore that i call home in this moment.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

and when i'm not gazing into the distance from my balcony

i'm doing it from my one of my newer almost-private beach coves

but when my almost-private cove gets a little too not almost-private

then we head for the naked beach

Sunday, June 12, 2011

equal opportunity distance gazing

above the adriatic and the islands, there's this.
oh the hours that can be spent...