Friday, February 18, 2011

anybody want some nuts?

my dad managed to turn 91 today.
my brother gave him nuts for his birthday.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

enough already!
i am not kidding.

and now brad.
52 years old.



4 friends and family gone in 4 months all while i watch my dad wasting away in front of my eyes?

this is how it's gonna go?

Lauren O'Connell White Noise

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

getting tired of saying goodbye

this afternoon my brother's former wife, the mother of my nephew and three nieces, died suddenly of heart failure shortly after rescuing her granddaughter and family pets from a carbon monoxide leak in her home.

this is an email she wrote that afternoon after returning to the house and immediately before her passing:

"Hey folks,
I want to do a little check in this afternoon--Gratitude.

Grateful for Carbon Monoxide detectors and for having the smarts last year to install one.

Grateful for a 13 year old grand daughter who spent the night and who didn't have school today AND who called me when she heard an "annoying" beep. On the phone I realized what it was though I had never heard it before.

Grateful that I told her to open windows and that I would be home in 10 minutes.

Grateful that I always have an evacuation plan in my head so was able to move two birds and two dogs and a kid with minimal thought. Grateful to the daughter who lives a mile away for taking the 2 dogs, two birds and the kid.

And grateful that the [ ] Utilities department responded immediately.

The CO2 level in my home was well above the lethal limit. I have no hot water and no heat at the moment though it looks like we may get heat still today but probably not hot water.

I have a bit of a headache and if it doesn't go away soon have been instructed to go to the ER. Kassidy seems fine. 

The idea of what could have happened still has me shaken--okay, maybe more than shaken.. The reality of what did happen has me utterly and totally in gratitude.

So.................please if you don't have a CO2 detector, please get one. If you have one, test it to make sure it is working."

so let me just say that there are many, many people who are grateful for having had judy in their lives. i'm one of them.