Tuesday, April 13, 2010

travelling light and travelling long: some random tips

here's some random stuff:

exofficio travel underwear: priceless. you don't need many. i brought 4. i only needed 2. wash one, wear one, wash one, wear one. 

socks: they don't dry as fast as undies, but wearing them a few times is fine, so 2 pair is enough.  and really, i only needed them a couple of times since mostly i wear my sandals.

hair: wash, wear down 2 days then up 3 (ok, maybe 4) days. repeat.

travel guides are expensive and heavy and heavy. this is the first time i've carried travel guides and it's a b*tch. a little word from the newly-wise: if you feel you must have a travel guide and if you're flying into bangkok, wait until you get there to buy a travel guide. they're half the price there. and if you're going to india, you can sell you travel guides to a used bookstore or a guesthouse there for 1/2 of the cover price (and seeing how as you only paid 1/2 of the cover price in bangkok, whoo hooo, you're a winner!)

bring a teeny laptop.  you'll be infinitely happier.  really.  lighter than travel guides, i might add.

get yourself a sport billy bag. this tiny little gym bag thing can fit the entire contents of my 27 liter rucksack, a table and chairs, and an airplane. we bought it on the cheap in thailand and it's been invaluable. and then there's milk teddy. milk teddy (also discovered in thailand) is sport billy's little pal and keeps money and pens and allergy meds and cream you need to try and clear up unidentified rashes easy to find inside the cavern that is sport billy.