Saturday, August 2, 2008

a whirlwind of couchsurfing at zelenkovac

we've had a nearly continuous stream of couchsurfers here at zelenkovac since i arrived and i have to admit i loved it.

it started earlier in the month with rasa, a solo lithuanian female studying in the netherlands. then came two american guys studying at ucsf who were lucky enough to be drafted into a day of ditch digging and hay harvesting. next came boris, a generous hitchhiking couchsurfer from france who showed up on our doorstep after a lengthy stay in ibiza. although he thought he'd head to sarajevo when he left zelenkovac, he instead ended up in banja luka where he bumped into a group of 5 young travelers (3 from spain and 2 from france) and spontaneously sent them our way. i was lucky enoug to have a couple of long and lovely conversations with one of them, emelie, a wise beyond her years 20 year old from france.

kat and kristina, hitchhiking with incredible ease from denmark came next. then, during a couple days of pretty good thunder and rainstorms and repeated lengthy power outages, we hosted a group of 5 bicyclists - 3 were from bosnia and 2 from austria. wiktor and marek, students from poland, arrived while the cyclists were still there and hitchhiked off when the sun finally shone again. and then came irina from st. petersberg, and whose boyfriend is from freestone, california of all places - an old semi-haunt of mine!

and then came arto, a friend of sami, couchsurfer from earlier in the month. and gareth and david from england - who were sent by kat and kristina whom they met in sarajevo...

and suddenly they were all gone and the silence was deafening.

arto saying goodbye

david and gareth lashing tires and luggage onto the bug