Wednesday, August 6, 2008

pavlov's bladder

remember pavlov's famous experiment with dogs? so, dogs salivate in the presence of food. in the experiment, they rang a bell each time they fed a dog. after repeating this for awhile, the dog would salivate to the mere sound of the bell even though no food was present.

after a lifetime of frequent peeing, over the past few months, i've noticed that the length of time i can go between pees has increased dramatically; however, in conjunction with this newfound skill it seems i've developed a little something i like to call pavlov's bladder.

it's not like i wait until the need to pee is particularly urgent or anything. it's just that once i walk into the bathroom and more specifically - the toilet becomes visible - apparently excited by the mere sight of the thing, my bladder can barely contain itself. i've nearly peed my pants four times now.... pavlov's bladder.