Thursday, August 7, 2008

the don quixote of immune systems

sometime in my early 30's my body decided to develop a somewhat spectacular allergy to grass pollen.

recently on a sunny grass-pollen-filled day in zelenkovac, after much sneezing, itching and eye-watering on my part, alexsa (my good buddy and the 14 year old son of zelenkovac's owner) wanted to know why i had allergies.

after a few seconds trying to come up with a quick and simple explanation of how allergies work, i remembered that alexsa had recently read the book don quixote, and it hit me: i have allergies because i've got the don quixote of immune systems - tilting at windmills in the form of grass pollen, fearful that it is a dangerous invader.

"the trouble is sancho" said don quixote, "you are so afraid, that you cannot see or hear properly; for one of the effects of fear, is to disturb the senses, and cause things to appear other than what they are."....cervantes.