Friday, July 4, 2008

a gift from the universe on this, my half birthday

i spent the day quietly alone at my desk in a sunny corner of valentin's beautiful old stone home and was taking some time to try and figure out what route i would take from here back to zelenkovac in bosnia. it's a long way, and 2/3's of the journey are in remote areas without a lot of traffic.

the first step to getting to bosnia is to hitch out of this teeny village into the more populated ljubljana, slovenia. it's a long haul and i'd prefer to get to bosnia before dark, so i figured i'd like to get out of town by 6am in the morning. and tomorrow is saturday. i could be standing there for a long time before i even encountered a car driving through the village in that direction, much less one actually heading towards ljubljana who would also pick me up.

so as i’m mulling over my options, i get an email message from a couchsurfing member. andre from ljubljana, who just joined couchsurfing 2 days ago, saw through a feature on the website that i was in slovakia and decided to contact me:

If you need a couch in Ljubljana, let me know.

and with that message, the universe (and andre) gave me a huge whopping synchronistic half birthday present. thank you thank you thank you universe (and andre)!

we exchange a couple email messages, and he's on his way pick me up right now! he's picking me up and taking me back to ljubljana! i'll be 2 hours closer to my destination tonight!