Wednesday, July 23, 2008

the art and the artist

the art

and the artist - željko (photo by clare)

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

ahhhh.... bosnia

still at zelenkovac in podrasnica, bosnia. not much internet access, so just know that i'm alive and well - and deliriously happy.

Monday, July 21, 2008

daily life at zelenkovac

harvesting a little food for dairy cows

hay fever + hay = .......

and let's not even talk about the grasshoppers....

busy weekend crowd.

boro sketches kat, a singer/musician/artist hitchhiking couchsurfer from denmark

"prof", our resident professor of philosophy does research while kristina, a hitchhiking couchsurfer (with some pretty cool dance moves) from denmark writes about her travels

sami a bicycling couchsurfer from finland tries to pinpoint our location on his gps

Tuesday, July 15, 2008


without words to share

i stay by your side as if the nearness will reveal you

i lay my head on your chest and breathe with you wondering if the rhythm with reveal you

i slide my tongue into your mouth and along your body hoping that your taste will reveal you

i am tangled in you. tangled up in the separateness of you

Friday, July 11, 2008


antonia from sweeden visited today.

so did hundreds of teeny little frogs!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

zelenkovac. republika srpska, bosna i hercegovina

i am in sitting naked in bed categorizing photos on my laptop. the sound of conversation from the lodge below drifts up between the rafters. i don’t understand serbian but it doesn’t matter to me in this moment. the sound is familiar and comforting. i came back to zelenkovac three days ago. i came back because it felt like it could be home. i came back to write. and if i am honest with myself, i came back to see a man.

as i work i hope that Željko, as he has done the past three mornings, will climb the ladder to his room, to our room, to see if i am still sleeping at such a late hour. i want to see his smile when he sees that i’m awake. i want to watch him duck as he walks through the door. i want to hear his quiet deep voice say “heeey.” and i want to feel the bliss of being wanted by this man as, smiling, he kisses me over and over again. i am ready to get up, but i am waiting for that moment again this morning.

three months ago when i walked away from my life and solo into the world, i could not have imagined that this is where it would lead, and today i cannot imagine where it will go from here. and i don’t want to. i want to savor this moment - each moment - along the way.

Saturday, July 5, 2008


valentin. i love this guy so much. he’s smart, quirky, funny, mellow, incredibly thoughtful, and a bunch of other things that are all good. i first met Tine (his nickname, pronounced teen-ae) in early june the night i arrived at zelenkovac in bosnia. there was a "go" board game tournament being held there and tine was one of the competitors. tine and i talked for hours most of that first night, and the next afternoon between matches tine took clare and i sightseeing around zelenkovac. we didn’t make it back in time for tine’s match, or even the end of the tournament, but that didn’t seem to bother tine one bit. suddenly it was time for tine to head back home to slovenia and i found myself wishing that i had much more time with him. so i made more time. after sibenik and rijeka, croatia, clare and i headed to slovenia to visit tine.

there is something incredibly comfortable about tine, and that something extends to his home. tine lives in a 100 year old stone house in a small mountain village in slovenia. upon first look, one might think that the house needs restoration – a lot of it. but when you walk into the house, spend some time at the kitchen table, you realize that the house is perfect the way it is. there’s such a calm, grounded feel about the whole place that once you enter, you never want to leave.

tine: world class hugger

there are three places in the world that feel like home to me, three places that i would live if given the opportunity. i found two of them on this journey. one is bosnia – zelenkovac in particular – and the other is with tine in his incredibly healing old stone home in slovenia. i stayed with tine for a week and it wasn’t enough.

view from bedroom window at tine’s

a little taste of slovenia

bled, slovenia (photo by clare)

Friday, July 4, 2008

a gift from the universe on this, my half birthday

i spent the day quietly alone at my desk in a sunny corner of valentin's beautiful old stone home and was taking some time to try and figure out what route i would take from here back to zelenkovac in bosnia. it's a long way, and 2/3's of the journey are in remote areas without a lot of traffic.

the first step to getting to bosnia is to hitch out of this teeny village into the more populated ljubljana, slovenia. it's a long haul and i'd prefer to get to bosnia before dark, so i figured i'd like to get out of town by 6am in the morning. and tomorrow is saturday. i could be standing there for a long time before i even encountered a car driving through the village in that direction, much less one actually heading towards ljubljana who would also pick me up.

so as i’m mulling over my options, i get an email message from a couchsurfing member. andre from ljubljana, who just joined couchsurfing 2 days ago, saw through a feature on the website that i was in slovakia and decided to contact me:

If you need a couch in Ljubljana, let me know.

and with that message, the universe (and andre) gave me a huge whopping synchronistic half birthday present. thank you thank you thank you universe (and andre)!

we exchange a couple email messages, and he's on his way pick me up right now! he's picking me up and taking me back to ljubljana! i'll be 2 hours closer to my destination tonight!

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

a moment of silence to bid a fond farewell to clare

clare, my gorgeous, giggling, full of life hitching partner for nearly the last month bid us adieu this morning and hitched off to padua, italy.

just a little hiking

slovenia is filled with lush mountain and valleys. we tell valentin we'd like to do a little, saaay maybe, 4 hour hike. this is where he sends us...

photos by clare

8 hours later, we're done with this 1844 meter peak in triglav national park

4 hours. riiiight...