Tuesday, March 25, 2008

a viking going-away gift

I was given a gift today from the man who owns the video store in my little town. We'd only met a few times, but when he gave me this gift, he told me that from the moment I walked into the store, he knew that I was on a epic - Odysseusian even - journey. As part of the gift, he pulled a Rune for me and this is what is was:


"This Rune is akin to the moon, the intuitive part of our nature, with its urge toward harmonizing and adjusting.

The completion of beginnings is what Inguz requires, It may mark a time of joyous deliverance, of new life, a new path. A Rune of great power, drawing it means that you now have the strength to achieve completion, resolution, from which comes a new beginning. Above all, completion is crucial here. It may be timely that you complete some project now; if so make that your first priority. Perhaps a difficult state of mind can be resolved, clarified, turned around. Drawing this Rune indicates that you must fertilize the ground for your own deliverance.

All things change and we cannot live permanently amid obstructions. Inguz signals your emergence from a closed, chrysalis state. As you resolve to clear away the old, you will experience a release from tension and uncertainty.

You may be required to free yourself from a rut, habit or relationship; from some deep cultural or behavioral pattern, some activity that was quite proper to the self you are leaving behind. The period at or just before birth is often a dangerous one. Movement involves danger yet movement that is timely leads out of danger. Now is the time to enter the delivery room.

One of the Cycle Runes, Inguz counsels preparation. Being centered and grounded, freeing yourself from all unwanted influences, and seeing the humor, you are indeed prepared to open yourself to the Will of Heaven, and can await your deliverance with calm certainty."

From The Book of Runes by Ralph Blum


Monday, March 24, 2008

a quickie before europe

so a sikh walks into a bar.....

just returned from an amazing trip to new york, new jersey and connecticut with my close friend j. all along the way, food, transportation, lodging and good company was provided by the universe with ease. during the first 48 hours, we red-eyed to ny, explored the metropolitan museum of art, and ultimately found our way to nj to where we couchsurfed with rg. this amazingly witty, kind, intelligent and generous host fed us massive amounts of kick-ass food, gave us his room while he slept on the couch (j and i had been up for 2 days by this time). and in addition to providing stimulating, synchronistic conversation, rg also gladly volunteered the services of his kitty federico to make us feel at home.

next came the 700 voices sacred music festival in connecticut where we had the honor of listening to snatam kaur and krisha das, the most incredible voices i've ever heard, singing with a purity that was overwhelmingly beautiful. can't really describe it other than that. brought-to-tears count this day: snatam, 2 ; krishna das, 1. in the usual manner of our synchronicity-filled trip we talked to the guy who put on the event and it turns out that he he used to teach yoga a mere 15 miles from where i've lived for the past few years; from out of the blue a complete stranger shared an abundant spread of food with us during the concert, and then we end up hitching a ride back to our hotel from two very sweet concert attendees, one of whom who just happened to live in my neck of the woods just one short year ago.

and finally, when we get back to our hotel a sikh walks into a bar..... we meet a wise and beautiful sikh gentleman - a man we'd seen at the concert - walking into the lounge trying to find some ginger ale. we spend the next hour wrapped up in conversation. eckankar, thanks for the many tidbits of wisdom you shared. and in answer to our intention of traveling with ease, j and i are both given our own empty rows on which to to stretch out on the red-eye home. couldn't have been better.